Yair N. Minsky

Yair Minsky Yair N. Minsky is an American mathematician and is currently a professor at Yale University, USA. He obtained his PhD degree at Princeton University, USA, where his PhD advisor was William Thurston. His main interests are Hyperbolic Geometry, particularly the deformation and classification theory of hyperbolic 3-manifolds, and the study of surfaces, particularly mapping class groups and their structure from the point of view of Geometric Group Theory. He also works in Teichmüller Theory and Holomorphic Dynamics. Together with Jeffrey Brock and Richard Canary he gave a proof of the Ending Lamination Conjecture of Thurston (in Hyperbolic Geometry).


"Manifolds, their geometry, topology and transformation groups": Manifolds are encountered and constructed in topology in a variety of flexible ways, but they often exhibit a rigid geometric structure which is both informative and beautiful. We'll give a guided tour of some of these phenomena in dimensions 2 and 3. One focus will be the relationship between topology and the symmetries of tiling patterns in different geometries. Another will be the ways in which transformations of 2-manifolds are used to construct and study 3-manifolds.