Local Information

We are very happy to welcome you in the city of Lyon, France for the fourth edition of the Modern Mathematics International Summer School for Students.

The Local Organizing Committee is mainly composed of mathematics students and instructor-researchers who live in Lyon. We are in charge of every practical aspect, in relation with the Organizing Committee. Our role is to organize this event from a practical and operational point of view : creation of the website, management of your arrivals and departures, catering, housing accommodations, organization of outings and evening activities, etc.

We’re working in order to organize the event in the best way for you. You will be welcomed in the beautiful campus of École Normale Supérieure of Lyon (ENS Lyon), a prestigious school and laboratory of research in France. After work, you will also have opportunities to discover the beautiful and historic city of Lyon, also called la “Capitale des lumières” (city of light), designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site (you can find more information on the town website).

We are also organizing special mathematics events so that you will discover mathematics in very different ways: music, art, games, etc. We have to keep it a secret ;), but just to say a few words, we are preparing a mathematical rally in the city of Lyon specially for you. These events will be organized by the "Plaisir Maths" association, which promotes the part of pleasure we can have when doing mathematics!

We hope you enjoy the visit of the website, please contact us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


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