Plaisir Maths

Logo Plaisir MathsAs in 2012, the school will be animated by the nonprofit organization Plaisir Maths, directed by Nicolas Pelay.

Plaisir Maths was founded in Lyon, formed by entertainers, teachers, researchers and students, with the purpose of creating mathematical (educative and recreative) projects and making them live.

Members share the will to make people realize that doing math is mainly a source of pleasure (plaisir in French), developing thoughts, imagination and creativity.

If you speak French, you can visit their website.

Nicolas Pelay is a post-doc in Geneva. After an engineering degree in mathematics and computer science and a PhD thesis in didactic of mathematics, he is a founding member of Plaisir Maths. He is a devout advocate of the diffusion of math.

Nicolas Pelay


Richard Griffon

Richard Griffon is currently beginning his PhD thesis in maths at Paris 7 University. His favourite mathematical activity is (to try) to decipher the mysterious blend of number theory and algebraic geometry encoded in an L-function. Outside the lab, he loves reading, drawing and taking pictures. He is a thrilled member of Plaisir Maths.


Damien Lucas has long worked for an organization that creates scientific holidays, and himself led young people from 6 to 18 years as a leader and director of summer camp in France but also abroad. He loves games and remains to this day still unbeatable in Othello. He has taught mathematics workshops in primary schools and is a founding member of Plaisir Maths.

Damien Lucas


Laura Pallez

Laura Pallez is a mathematics' teacher in a high school Lyon. She is mainly interested in mathematics and games, and wants to make every pupil discover the fun which is inside mathematics. She is an active member of Plaisir Maths.