Matthias Görner

Matthias Görner obtained his Master degree in Computer Science and his PhD degree in Mathematics at Berkeley University. He was interested in Hyperbolic Geometry and had a PostDoc position at the University of Maryland, where he worked with Christian Zickert on representations of 3-manifold groups and developing software to compute them. Currently, Matthias is working at Pixar Animation Studio where he develops animation software. His interests include programming, animation, Tango, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Matthias Gorner


"Surfaces from two sides": In this talk, surfaces will be illuminated from two sides. First from the point of view of abstract math considering questions such as: What are invariants of surfaces? How does one classify surfaces? What are higher structures on surfaces and how do they generalize to higher dimensions? Then from the point of view of computer graphics using surfaces for character animation and considering questions such as: How do we find a good subdivision algorithm?