Instructors and lectures

Martin AndlerUniversité Versailles-Saint-Quentin, France
"The Heisenberg group"
Mario BonkUniversity of California, Los Angeles, USA
"Analysis without smoothness"
John H. ConwayPrinceton University, USA
"The game of life and a life of games"
Dmitry FuchsUniversity of California, Davis, USA
"Geodesics on regular polyhedra"
Étienne GhysÉcole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
"Surfaces and geometry"
John H. HubbardCornell University, USA; Université Aix-Marseilles, France
"Dynamics and chaos"
Victor KleptsynUniversité de Rennes, France
"Lattices, codes and sphere packings in high-dimensional spaces"
Rostislav MatveevUniversität Leipzig, Germany
"Surfaces with polyhedral metrics"
Dierk SchleicherJacobs University, Germany
"On useless and useful mathematics: Newton's method, chaos, and the Mandelbrot set"
Sergei TabachnikovPennsylvania State University, USA
"Flavors of 'Bicycle Mathematics'"
Tadashi TokiedaUniversity of Cambridge, UK
"Geometry and physics"
Wendelin WernerUniversité Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
"Harmonic functions, random walks, and Brownian motion"
Don ZagierMax Planck Institute Bonn, Germany; Collège de France
"Number theory"
Günter M. ZieglerFreie Universität Berlin, Germany
"The many facets of the 24-cell"