Day trip

During your stay, you will have a choice of three day trips (this is a tentative, some changes can occur) :

Lac des Sapins,

Definitely the best way to exit the city and enjoy the outdoors doing sports!
Literally translated into English as “the fir-trees’ Lake”, the Lac des Sapins is an artificial lake located in the region of Rhône-Alpes, 65 km northwest of the city of Lyon.


This place will delight sportsmen/sportswomen or those who want to enjoy the relaxation.

Indeed, many sports are proposed such as mountain biking, wind-surfing, volley ball, tree climbing, petanque, mini-stadium, fitness trail, pedal boat, swimming..., and of course sunbathing.

And for nature lovers, it is possible to tour the lake on foot or by bike, and take advantage of the shade of trees.



Les grottes de la Balme ( La Balme caves),

Definitely the best way to enjoy a walk in the middle of nature. 

Here we are in the north of Isère, 60 kilometres east of Lyons. With their monumental porch sculpted out of the limestone cliffs of the Isle Crémieu plateau, the La Balme caves are astonishing for the wealth and diversity of their undergrounds galleries.  

Used originally by prehistoric man as a shelter from the cold, the caves have been used for many different purposes over the centuries: a hiding-place for the smuggler, a place of pilgrimage for King François I... and a dance hall for the local village!
Since 1807 they have been open to the public.

The tour of the caves starts in the surprisingly-vast dome room whose ceiling is an impressive forty meters high! Numerous galleries lead away from the dome room and they all have intriguing names, such as Mandrin Labyrinth, Lake Gallery, Desert Gallery... Admire the slow and meticulous work of running water!


Less than 100 meters from the entrance of the Caves, you will find a hiking trail starting. The trail, which extends over 8.5 kilometers, is traveled at a leisurely pace in three hours. It takes you on the board of Isle Crémieu, where you will discover the village and its hamlets, Parmilieu, and in good weather, the view of the Bugey and snow-capped Alps.

Lyon city & museum

Definitely the best way to discover the rich history of Lyon and stroll the streets.


The Basilica of Fourvière

You will start your day at the basilica, which was built on the Fourvière hilltop and is overlooking the city of Lyon and its surroundings. Indeed, on a clear day, you can see the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.


Gallo-Romain museum of Lyon Fourvière

Lyon, former “Lugdunum” Gaul capital and the heir to a wealth of Gallo-Roman heritage, created the Fourvière site which is an exceptional place of remembrance, enriched with an exceptional history and character. Made unique by the richness of its collections, environment, and elaborate architecture, the museum offers a real journey through time.

A walk through the old Lyon and its "Traboules

This Renaissance district, listed by Unesco, is the largest area of this kind in France... This unique area of Gothic and Renaissance architecture has been chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage.
It covers 24 hectares along the banks of the river Saone. Old Lyon’s urban development mainly took place in the 15th and 16th centuries. After visiting the gothic cathedral, wander through the narrow cobbled streets and “traboules”…these famous covered passageways going from one street to the next via corridors through houses hide superbly renovated architectural treasures: inner courtyards, galleries “à l’italienne”, spiral staircases etc.

Fine Arts Museum

Set in the heart of the city, the 1998 fully renovated Lyon Fine Arts Gallery houses one of France's richest collection of art masterpieces. Its 70 rooms are divided into 5 main departments, exhibiting works from the greatest periods of art: from ancient Greek, ancient Egyptian, sculptures, paintings, decorative, the Middle Ages right up to the present day. The department dedicated to antiques and archaeological piece presents artefacts ageing 3000 years, illustrating the world former civilisations- Egypt, Middle-East, Oriental, Italian, Greek etc.