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The school will begin on August 21th and will end on August 28th, 2014. Participants should plan to arrive on August 20th and departures will be on August 29th.

The school will be held in English: participants are expected to have solid English-speaking skills.

The per-student fee is €400; this fee covers accommodation, meals, the scientific program, and excursions. Nobody will be excluded for financial reasons. The selection of participants is based only on scientific criteria; if necessary, you may apply for financial support. There are two kinds of financial support available: one for the participation fees (€400), and one for travel expenses. You can request one of them, or both, and a committee will make decisions on how to attribute the funds.

In order to apply: you must be between your last two years of high school and the first two years of university.

Important dates:

  • March 18th: opening of the application process.
  • April 13th: first application deadline.
  • April 18th: last day for applications (the website will be down from 6am of April 19th, Western Europe time)
  • Early May: announcement of decisions on applications.


Applications can be done at

The deadline is April 13.

You will be asked to register. In this way you may fill the application form little by little before submitting the final version.

Once you have registered, you can go on the Application page (list on the top of the page) and then select the course Lyon 2014. This will create a new application, that you can fill.

You can ask up to three referees (and at least one) to write a presentation letter for you (in english): in the application form you will be able to write their names and their email adresses. They will receive the instructions for uploading the letter.

Recommendations should come from someone who can write about your mathematical abilities and how you would do at such an international summer school (teacher, professor, olympiad coach). This recommendation should state who the recommender is and how well he or she knows you.

Important: The application system belongs to the European Campus of Excellence (ECE). They organize different kind of programs for Master and PhD students (but not for high school students), so there are questions that you can't answer: don't worry!

A further important step is uploading one pdf file containing the answers to 11 more informal questions that will help us understanding who you are. Please take your time to give carefully thought-out answers to the questions.

Here is the list of questions.

Just in case you have some publication (we don't really expect that!), you can upload your papers.

When you want to include some math formulas in your answers (and you are not using latex), do your best so that a mathematician can understand what you are writing.

Finally, we ask a certificate attesting your skills in speaking good English. This can be an official certificate or simply a letter by your English teacher.

Here is an example:










You can contact us in case of any doubt.